To use cleaner or not, that is the question

And here is the answer! A lot of customers ask about carpet spot cleaners, and which ones they should use. My response is always: “Use water first and if that doesnt work use our Heaven’s Best spot cleaner”. Proper cleaning technique is also important in spot cleaning. Let me break it down…


1. Always “blot” or compress (not scrub, that spreads the spot) up whatever the issue is using a dry towel.

2. If the spot remains, use a fairly damp towel (water only) and aggitate the spot. If the spot is coming up onto the towel, repeat until nothing more comes up or the spot is gone.

3. If the spot still remains, spray down the cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Again, blot/compress the spot to absorb up as much cleaner as possible into the towel, followed by aggitating gently to finish.

4. If the spot still remains, give us a call.

If you dont have our Heaven’s Best spot cleaner we can get it to you. We can also recommend a few other (less superior of course) alternative cleaning products.

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