Holiday Cheer on your own front door.

I love this time of year! Spending time with family and friends, the spirit of giving, holiday decorations and of course the food! I mention food because we all eat it and sometimes it ends up on the carpets…but that’s for a different blog. Today I wanted to write about the decorations, specifically wreaths. Many of the homes we go into have wreaths on the front door and so I wanted to do a little digging into the history of the wreath. Did you know that wreaths are a symbol of respect and strength? Wreathes date back to ancients times and were made out of all sorts of materials. Wreathes are used around the world for many different ceremonies in many different cultures. Here in the states, wreathes are typically made out of evergreens as evergreens can last through the harshest winters and are most commonly used during the holidays as a symbol of Christs birth or Christmas. So now you know, and when you see a wreath you’ll have a few little facts that you can drop on your family and friends. All of us here at Heaven’s Best wish you and yours a safe and happy holidays!

Warm wishes,

Ammon Child, Owner.

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