A room with clean carpet and a chairWhether it’s taking children to and from soccer games or heading back and forth to work each day, the carpet, tile & grout and hardwood floors in our homes can take a real beating. Dirty floors can put a real damper on the look and feel of a home!

If you’re looking for reliable carpet cleaners in Camas, Washington, consider the team at Heaven’s Best. We have been serving the Clark County area for over 20 years and have the hands-on experience and process that gets your home cleaned quickly.

We proudly offer the following services:

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets can reduce wear, help remove stains, and will control allergens that build up in the carpet fibers. We use gentle, effective cleaner on your carpet that is water and citrus based. That means it’s great for the environment, good for your carpets, and fine for your health! There are no harsh cleaners or solvents used, so you won’t feel any annoying sticky residue.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Kitchen and tile grout can easily accumulate bacteria and grime, causing discoloration and leaving behind a dingy appearance. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathrooms or entryways of your home, we will use our effective yet gentle cleaning solution to reach the deep-down dirt. It won’t harm tile, grout, or the surrounding areas, either. We will scrub it and then finish with a high-pressure spinner head rinse.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We live in the Pacific Northwest where wood is everywhere. Our wood floor cleaning process is top notch and will leave your hardwoods 5x cleaner than any mop and bucket ever will. We prep the floors by sweeping or dust mopping. We then use a powerful machine to apply a mild cleaning solution, scrub the surface and extract the moisture and soiling back up immediately leaving your hardwoods squeaky clean and dry in minutes.

Carpet and Fabric Protectants

Our fabric protectants will help protect from spilling or soiling while helping reduce fiber wear, sun fading, and other day-to-day use.

Upholstery Cleaning

Most people, unfortunately, overlook cleaning their furniture. Did you know that hair, dust mites and skin particles all live in and on the fabric? Yuck! We can help get all of that removed and keep your furniture fresh and clean. Also, all of our upholstery cleanings come with free stain guard as well…you just have to ask.