More than 150 years ago, almost everyone had hardwood floors. If they didn’t, they probably had dirt floors (which are hard to keep clean). While tiles, bricks, and other materials were certainly options, trees were readily available and wood was easy to work with.

Of course, wood flooring eventually lost some of its popularity as carpet, tiles, and even linoleum became cheaper and easier to access. Hardwood floors were eventually covered up in older homes to go with the styles of the time. They weren’t removed, however: those boards were used as underlayment so the new flooring had something to be attached to.

Hardwood Rebirth

As remodeling became more popular over the past 30 years or so, the beauty of hardwood became rediscovered. Carpet corners were pulled up to see if hardwood underneath would be revealed. Refinished, hardwood floors that were over a century old were returned to their former glory.

In fact, if there was any damage to the floor over the decades, it added an extra patina of sorts. Original hardwoods held a little more cache, and if properly protected, the finished hardwood would be protected, even in high traffic areas.

Keeping Hardwood Clean

One of the appeals of hardwood is how easy it is to keep the surface clean. A broom or dust mop or a wet mop and a bucket do fine for light cleaning duties. All are much easier than trying to treat carpet stains. However, even with a regular mop and bucket cleaning, a professional cleaning every so often is recommended to get a true deep clean.

Heaven’s Best Hardwood Cleaning

Our hardwood floor cleaning process will rejuvenate your floors and make them look great again. We prep your hardwoods by sweeping and vacuuming up dust, dirt, and other debris. We then apply a mild cleaning solution and scrub the floor using an auto scrubber with specially designed bristles, and extracts the dirty solution back up all at the same time. For heavily soiled or floors with acrylic finishes, we may use more aggressive scrubbing techniques along with the autoscrubber. The result is an extremely clean floor that is dry in minutes.

With five times more cleaning power than a mop and bucket, our process will leave your hardwoods clean deep down. We finish by polishing your floors providing more protection from future soiling but also a nice clean shine.

With honest to goodness four-season weather, your hardwood floors get filthy. Tracking in dirt from soccer practice, grime from gardening, and mud from taking the dog on a walk during a rainstorm will take its toll after a while. But Heaven’s Best will bring the shine back in a single visit. Call us today.

Nice, clean hardwood floors and simple furniture