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We love living in the Pacific Northwest because there’s so much to do in the great outdoors. Snowmobiling in the winter, hanging out at the beach in the summer and riding ATVs or horses all over the place during the spring and fall. With all four seasons, we get our fill of the sun, rain, and even snow and ice.

And mud and dirt and grime. At some point, though, we have to come inside. And that’s when we bring all of those outside activities indoors and into our carpet, tile, or hardwood floors. Even when we stay home and tend to the grounds – or after bringing the dog home after a drizzly November walk – the outside still manages to follow us in.

But who wants to spend a bunch of time cleaning the carpets? Vacuuming is one thing, but getting the deep-down stuff is a real chore. Sometimes it feels like the carpet is just too far gone to even try and it would be easier just to get new carpet installed.

Not so fast…


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Battle Ground Carpet Cleaning

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning has been working in the Battle Ground area for more than 20 years. We have the experience to take care of ground-in grime that happens when outdoor people do outdoor stuff. You’ll carpet will look better, feel better, and last longer.

You’re family and pets will be safe from harmful chemicals, too. We use only water and citrus-based solvents, meaning our services are good for you, good for us, and good for the environment we spend so much time in.

And it will cost a lot less than replacing the carpet. With regular maintenance, your Battle Ground carpets will look great for decades and you’ll barely have to lift a finger!

Tile, Grout, and Hardwood Cleaning

Heaven’s Best also has the right equipment to take care of other types of flooring. The kitchen, bathroom, and entryway see the most traffic in most homes, so it makes sense they will be the dingiest. Accumulating bacteria and causing discoloration, we’ll make the tile shine again and brighten up the look of the grout safely and without damage.

For hardwood, we prep the floors by sweeping up all debris before using a mild detergent for final cleaning. Our high powered machines will get hardwood 5x times cleaner than the standard mop and bucket process. The process also dries the floor while cleaning, meaning you won’t have to wait hours before entering the room.

Additional Cleaning Services in Battle Ground

Heaven’s Best professionally cleans upholstery too. Just like your carpets, the furniture will enjoy renewed life after treatment from Heaven’s Best. Finally, we perform spot treatments, and apply carpet and fabric protectant.

We also provide commercial cleaning for restaurants, office buildings, and other businesses. No matter what kind of flooring you have in Battle Ground, Heaven’s Best has the tools and experience to get them clean. Want to bring your floors back to life? Schedule a visit from Heaven’s Best!