Complete Tile & Grout Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Got dirty tile and grout? Heaven’s Best can get your kitchen and bathroom tile looking as clean and fresh as the day it was installed. Our expert, friendly technicians will remove the grime, bacteria and discoloration that mar your home’s tile.

We Lift Out the Dirt That Life Grinds In

The hard surfaces in your home get dingy over time. Humid bathrooms encourage mildew and mold to grow in grout. Kitchen floors pick up discoloration from food and spills. If you have tile in entryways, moisture from shoes can penetrate the porous grout. Normal, everyday life can leave tile looking grimey.

When we arrive in your home, we’ll take stock of the situation. We’ll determine the best methods for your type of tile and grout. We can clean materials made from epoxy, quartz, cement and just about any other type of base. No matter what type of tile or grout, we have the expertise to clean it.

Thorough, Gentle Methods

Our technicians use gentle, effective techniques to clean tile. Heaven’s Best cleans the hard surfaces of your home with an exclusive solution. Our cleaning formula breaks up deep-down dirt without harming tile, grout or the surrounding areas. We scrub the tile, concentrating extra attention on tough areas such as discoloration and grout lines. After a thorough cleaning, we finish with a high-pressure rinse.

Keeping grout clean and free from mildew isn’t easy without the right tools and know-how. Most do-it-yourself solutions require getting down on hands and knees to scrub with a small brush. Even if you use a heavy-duty cleaner and a lot of elbow-grease, you may be frustrated with the results.

We use methods that leave your grout free from harmful bacteria and unsightly discoloration. We can get a typical kitchen floor clean in about an hour. An annual professional cleaning keeps your home looking great. In between visits from our technicians, make your tile shine by cleaning with a gentle solution made for your type of tile and grout.

We believe in competitive, honest pricing and you may be surprised to find out how affordable these services can be. Call 360.606.2707 or email today for more information and your free estimate.

Light tile floor with dark grout lines