Quick, Easy, Affordable. Not what most expect with carpet cleaning.

There seems to be 3 constant misconceptions when it comes to having your carpets cleaned so I thought I’d clarify. One: “The carpets will be wet for a day or two?”. Incorrect, our carpets typically dry in about 1 hour. Two: “It’s a huge hassle because I have to move all of my furniture”. ERRRRR! (buzzer sound) that is also incorrect. Because we use a true low-moisture cleaning process, we don’t push water below the carpets backing and into the pad.

By not over wetting, we don’t spread moisture through the pad which wicks underneath your furniture(causing damage). We are able to safely clean just the exposed carpets with ease making cleaning quick and easy. Three: “Carpet cleaning is expensive”. Nope, not with Heaven’s Best! There are unfortunately companies out there who over sell carpet cleaning and as a result over charge consumers. Here at HB, we try to undersell and over deliver. So if you’ve been putting off having your carpets cleaned because of one or all of these misconceptions, give us a call at (360) 606-2707.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable it is to have us clean for you.

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