How to protect carpet

The warm summer months are coming to a close and the blustery, cold, and wet Fall and Winter seasons are descending on the Pacific Northwest. It’s reassuring to come home, take off those shoes, and just let your toes loose on a nice, plush carpet. That is, of course, if you have a nice, plush carpet to begin with.

Chances are, you didn’t spend a whole lot of time indoors during the past six months. Either with road trips, hiking, or just working in the garden. When you finally did get home, you brought a lot of the outdoors inside with you. And after months of tracking in dirt, dust, and debris, your carpeting can start to look a little worn.

We understand: who wants to spend time vacuuming when there’s so much to do outside? But as the cooler months settle in, you’ll be spending even more time on your carpet. Not to mention the sloshy conditions outside that will find its way to high-traffic areas of the carpet.

Prolong the looks, life of your carpet

The longer you go without vacuuming your carpet, the harder it will be to bring it back to life. And believe us, we’d love to come to your house every few months for a low-moisture cleaning. But there are ways you can keep your carpet in top-notch condition without the need for high-powered cleaning machines.

All it takes is a few minutes each week and some determination to keep your carpets clean. When it comes to really big issues, like pet messes or kid sicknesses, we’ll be out as soon as we can. For the occasional muddy footprint or spilled soda, some fast action on your part will save the day.


We get it – you work all week and want to relax all weekend. But vacuuming at least once a week will spruce up the carpet fibers and prolong the life of your carpet. Even high traffic areas can be kept soft to the touch if vacuuming is part of your weekly routine.
It’s just not about primping the carpet fibers, either. The accumulation of dirt and debris can weigh the fibers down, too. By removing the grime, it will be easier for the carpeting to retain its shape. This will also help the air quality in your home, lifting airborne pollutants off the ground before they make their way down to the subfloor.

Spill Something? Act Fast.

Accidents happen – it’s a fact of life. It could be some spilled red wine, a dropped meatball while eating in the living room to watch tv, or pawprints from your pet pooch. You can take steps to prevent some stains (wipe off dog feet before they come inside or keep food in the kitchen), but you can’t stop every spill.

To keep stains from forming, dab the spill as much as you can – don’t wipe. This will keep the stain from being spread out or ground into the fibers. Once the excess is lifted, use an all-natural spot cleaner and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Just remember: The longer you wait, the more likely it is to set.

Other Steps

The best way to protect your carpet is to take preventative measures. As we mentioned above, after taking the dog on a walk, leave a towel by the back door. You can wipe your furry friend down before they get a chance to make a mess.

When the weather turns blustery, consider entering the house from the garage or through a side door if you have one. Then you can take your messy shoes off and leave them out of sight. Invest in a welcome mat so guests can wipe their feet or even ask visitors to remove their shoes.

Little steps like these will keep your carpet in great shape and even extend its lifespan. There are times when you’ll want to make sure the carpet is looking its best, like during the holidays or other large gatherings. That’s when we suggest you give Heaven’s Best a call.

In addition to refreshing your carpet, we also take care of spot repairs, hardwoods, and tile and grout services. We also offer carpet protectant that will keep stains from setting and give you the time you need to take care of the mess. If your carpet is beginning to show its age, it’s time to contact Heaven’s Best.

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