What is Carpet Shedding?

Even if you’re a hardwood aficionado, nothing quite feels like walking on new carpeting in bare feet. Until you begin to notice little clumps of the fibers everywhere. This is known as carpet shedding and can make an otherwise perfect room look a little ragged. But what is carpet shedding?

What is Carpet Shedding?

Carpet shedding is when a carpet or rug loses fibers or threads over time. These loose fibers then work their way up to the surface of the carpet, looking like little fuzzballs all over the place. It’s a pretty common occurrence but doesn’t change the fact that it can make the carpeting look a little messy.

Shedding happens because, during the manufacturing process, some fibers may not be securely anchored to the carpet backing, especially those made from particular materials like wool or synthetic fibers. With more foot traffic on the carpet or vacuuming, these loose fibers can be dislodged and come to the surface.

It’s important to note that carpet fuzzing is usually more prevalent in new carpets and tends to decrease over a few weeks or even months as the loose fibers are gradually removed. You can turn to regular vacuuming to resolve shedding and remove the loose fibers from the surface.

In some cases, carpet shedding may present itself more prominently in lower-quality carpets or those with a higher pile height. Higher-quality carpets are typically less prone to shedding because they are manufactured with better fiber anchoring techniques. On the bright side, at least you know your carpet is brand new if there is a lot of shedding!

In most cases, carpet shedding is a temporary problem and not usually a cause for concern. However, if your carpet continues to shed excessively or for an extended period, it may be worth consulting with a professional carpet cleaner or the manufacturer for advice.

Are there ways I can prevent carpet shedding?

While you cannot entirely eliminate carpet shedding, you can take steps to minimize it and keep it under control, especially in the early stages when shedding tends to be more prominent in new carpets.

  1. Choose high-quality carpets
  2. Vacuum regularly
  3. Avoid aggressive brushing
  4. Choose a lower-pile carpet
  5. Follow manufacturer care instructions

Here are some tips to help prevent and reduce carpet shedding:

Choose high-quality carpets

Invest in carpets made by reputable brands that use quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Higher-quality carpets are less likely to shed excessively because of better adhesive of better materials.

Vacuum regularly

Regular vacuuming helps remove loose fibers from the surface before they can shed. Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or brush designed for your carpet type. You should be regularly vacuuming your carpets or rugs anyway to keep them looking top-notch.

Make sure to adjust your vacuum cleaner’s height settings to the appropriate level for your carpet’s pile height. Vacuuming with the correct settings ensures effective cleaning without causing damage. You can also vacuum your carpet in different directions to ensure you pick up loose fibers from all angles.

Avoid aggressive brushing

A carpet rake or carpet brush can help remove loose fibers and speed up the normal shedding process by extracting loose fibers. But be gentle–aggressive brushing can pull out more fibers and exacerbate shedding. You may also work fibers loose that have been attached securely.

Choose a lower-pile carpet

Just like with your pets, the shorter the hair, the less hair that sheds. Carpets with shorter pile heights tend to shed less than those with longer piles. If shedding is a significant concern, think about buying a lower pile.

Follow manufacturer’s care instructions

Always follow the cleaning and care recommendations provided by the carpet manufacturer. This can help maintain your carpet’s appearance and minimize shedding.

The most important step is to be patient. You’ll never get rid of carpet shedding entirely–except with time. Shedding is most common in the early stages of a carpet’s life, and the more you use (and vacuum) it, those loose fibers will soon be a thing of the past.

Remember that some shedding is normal for many carpets, especially in the beginning. With proper care and maintenance, you can manage shedding and keep your carpet looking its best. But after time, your carpet will move on from problem carpet shedding and on to other common carpet issues: looking drab, worn down, and not nearly as comfortable.

That’s where Heaven’s Best comes in. With regular carpet cleaning services, we can pull up any dirt and debris that has been ground into the fibers of your carpet and breathe new life into your flooring. Our professional carpet cleaning is dry in about an hour, meaning you and your family can return to the home much faster than other cleaning services.

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