Professional Certified Cleaning Tecnicians

We’re in the process of hiring a new cleaning technician and so I thought I’d blog about what we look for and require when hiring an individual. Safety of our customers is #1 in our company. The very first thing we ask is “do you have a criminal or drug record?”. We have a ZERO tolerance policy and if there is even a minor infraction, we won’t hire the person. We then contract with an outside company to perform an international background check and do a pre-employment drug screen (as well as randomized screenings while employed).

Once hired, our technicians go through extensive training and become certified cleaning techs after many weeks and up to a few months. We want to make sure our techs are able to go above and beyond all of the services we provide to our customers. We look for honest, self motivated, and kind individuals that represent our company’s values and integrity. Here at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning you can be assured that we are looking out for you the customer as well as providing high quality services.

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