Carpet Inspections

Looking to buy a home?  Do you rent out properties?  Have a pet who you think is having accidents?  Carpet replacement can be a huge expense and an inspection is the only way to know the true overall condition of a carpet.  When buying a home a pre-purchase home inspection is usually performed.  They’re great at finding problems that need to be corrected on the house but usually don’t give you much information when it come to the carpet.

You could potentially be looking at thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  As a landlord, you need to know if an animal has been damaging your property or if the carpet is just too worn or damaged for the next tenant.  An inspection will protect your properties and your pocket book.   Homeowners, the do it your self approach to pet urine can be a tricky downhill slope if you don’t use proper cleaning solutions and techniques.  Often times improper cleaning aggravates  non visible issues and can create irreversible damage.

With a professional carpet inspection, we give you the information…pet urine, fiber wear, permanent staining, backing and pad condition, etc. and help you determine what the most cost effective options are.  Not sure whats going on with your carpet? Give us a call, we can help.

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