Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

No matter what you do, living in the Pacific Northwest will lead to dirty carpets. Whether it’s because you’re out there seizing the day or because you’re tracking in mud from walking the dog. It’s just the price we pay for living in such a beautiful part of the country.

No matter where you live, however, carpet maintenance begins at home. Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen or vacuuming a few times a week to pick up dust and other airborne pollutants will go a long way to extending the life of your carpet.

But many of us are too busy gardening, playing sports, or hiking around the gorge to give our carpeting much consideration. After a few years of neglect, your carpet will begin to lose some of that luster and softness that felt so good under our bare feet. That’s when you call in a professional carpet cleaning service like Heaven’s Best.

The Low Moisture Method

Although the process is nothing new, the low-moisture process of cleaning your carpet is relatively unknown compared to other methods. Using heavy-duty vacuums and our all-natural, citrus-based cleaning solution, our low-moisture carpet cleaning leaves your carpet dry in just one hour.

Although our equipment removes a lot of the dirt, it’s our exclusive cleaning solution that removes the last bit of stubborn and bonded debris from the carpet fibers. Agitation and our product knock loose the remaining dirt.

Our low moisture process is proven and allows us to not use a lot of water. On average, truck-mounted or ”steam cleaners” can go through up to 100 gallons of water for 1,000 square feet of carpeting. We use around three gallons, which means drying time is cut down to an hour or two.

Green Aspects of Low Moisture Cleaning

Beyond the actual cleaning aspect of the low-moisture process, other processes create a lot of toxic wastewater to think about. Those tank trucks – which only get back about 70 percent of the water, to begin with – need to do something with all that dirty, chemical-laden water. Our wastewater is contained and removed through professional laundering and cleaning.

Our equipment runs on electricity, so there are none of the extra emissions created by the truck-operated cleaning equipment so prevalent in the carpet cleaning industry. And we don’t have to drag in hoses from our vehicle to do the job, meaning you can keep your doors closed on those chilly winter days.

All of this led us to win the Clark County Green Business award in 2017 for products or services. The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest makes it such a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. We want to do our part to keep it that way.

Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning vs. Other Cleaning Methods

The encapsulation method applies a polymer-based chemical to your flooring that bonds to the dirt in the carpet fibers. Once it hardens, the chemical and debris is then vacuumed up. The chemicals can be water or solvent-based. The results can be impressive, but we just don’t like the idea of adding more chemicals to the carpet cleaning process.

Hot Water Extraction
This process is one of the most recognizable carpet cleaning methods and the machines you can rent follow the same process. Many cleaning professionals use extraction because it is a relatively fast procedure: Pump a lot of water into the carpet and then suck it all back up.

But there is a downside to heavy-duty steam cleaning. It is nearly impossible to suck all of the water back up and you’re left with wet socks for up to two days in some cases! The water can also find its way down through the carpet backing, carpet padding, and even your subfloor.

So while the carpet may be dry after 48 hours, there could still be moisture much deeper. Not only does this contribute to a “wet” smell in your home, but it can also lead to mold or mildew issues. Mildew itself can start growing in just 24 hours.

Although there are a few instances where we require extraction – for vomit or other bodily fluids – we can isolate the area. In most cases, however, we use the low-moisture method. It’s better for your carpet, your home, and the environment.

If you’d like to know more about low-moisture cleaning, feel free to reach out. Want to clean your carpets for an upcoming gathering or just want to breathe new life into your carpets? Fill out a free online estimate form and we’ll be in touch!

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