What is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet in your home or commercial space is a durable flooring option that provides comfort and style. However, carpeting isn’t made to last forever and over time it takes a beating, especially in high traffic areas. Along with ground-in dirt and grime, the carpet may begin to loosen and ripple and even cause a tripping hazard.

What is carpet stretching?

You may not have heard of this term before, but it is pretty straightforward. Carpet stretching is simply that: it pulls and stretches the carpet tighter. This allows the carpet to re-secure to the tack strips or anchor strips around the room’s subflooring.

Fortunately, that wrinkled, rippled, and loose carpeting can be tightened to its original shape. Carpet stretching is a process where carpeting professionals are “pulling” the carpet along the perimeter of the room. Service technicians use a “knee-kicker” or power stretcher to remove that excess carpet.

In many cases, tack strips used around the perimeter to hold the carpet in place can be reused. However, if the strips are damaged, it could be the reason why the carpet didn’t keep its shape to begin with.

Why Does My Carpet Have Wrinkles?

Your carpet will have significant wear and tear over time. Here are some reasons why you should consider carpet stretching.

  • Too much water being used during cleanings: Today’s steam cleaning, truck-mounted, and hot water extraction machines are designed for operator ease and not to extend the life of your carpet. These machines shoot gallons of hot water into your carpet potentially damaging the backing and overall structure of your carpet.
  • Your carpet’s padding isn’t correct: Your carpet padding is important. Unfortunately, some people pick the incorrect padding and carpet combination, which could cause premature loosening or rips at the edges. Carpet stretching can help correct that issue.
  • Your carpet is dealing with heavy foot traffic: Carpet is meant to be walked on! However, after years of heavy foot traffic, it will wear down even the best carpet.
  • Heavy furniture has caused the carpet to wear faster: Have you moved heavy furniture across your carpet? Do you just drag it across the carpet or do you pick it up to place it? Dragging can loosen or even rip parts of your carpet edges.
  • Poor installation: Do you know if the carpet installation in your home or office was done correctly? If it wasn’t, it may not have been properly secured, leading the carpet to ripple and loosen.

Carpet stretching will help make your carpet look better and last longer! Contact our team at Heaven’s Best to find out who we recommend for this delicate process.

Heaven’s Best technicians also have years of experience with carpet cleaning, minor carpet repair, and spot cleaning. Weekly vacuuming can extend the life of your carpet. But if you’ve missed a week or two (or a few months!), we can breathe new life into your carpet.

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