4 Reasons Windex Doesn’t Work

When it comes time to wash the windows, most people reach for the nearest bottle of Windex and start scrubbing. At Heaven’s Best, however, we say “don’t even think about it.” Here are four reasons that little blue bottle causes big problems.

Doesn’t Get the Whole Job Done

One major drawback of Windex is that it only helps with half the battle of glass cleaning. Windex cleans by helping to dislodge dust, debris and grease off the surface of the window. Once that material is disrupted, however, you still have to remove it. This is where Windex falls short. Most of the time that debris just ends up getting moved around on the glass.

Makes Spots Worse

We buy and use cleaners under the impression that they will clean our windows as promised. With Windex and other ammonia-based products, that may not be the case. Have you ever gone to wipe down your windows only to find them with even more stubborn smudges and marks after cleaning? That’s your store-bought cleaner at work. Sure the dust may be gone, but you’re going to find another solution for the tough stuff (like bird poop) you might find on the exterior surface.

Some Damage Can’t Be Undone

While the Windex may clear up your windows, the damage it can leave behind is often difficult to undo. Many professional window cleaning services report difficulty in removing the stains and scratches that are often left behind from using Windex. This isn’t a good look in any home or office, so it’s best to avoid those harsh cleaners altogether.

Deteriorates Window Tint

Certain kinds of Windex contain chemicals that are too harsh for tinted windows. The key offender is ammonia. Ammonia is a compound that occurs naturally in the environment, but causes major damage when applied to any kind of tinting or film. If you use Windex or other ammonia-based cleaners on your tinted windows, over time you may notice any of the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Spots that don’t go away
  • Bubbling
  • Deformities

Your windows are a serious investment for your home, so keep them looking great and ensure they last for decades to come by avoiding Windex and other store bought window cleaners.

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