Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

When trying to sell a house, many homeowners make the mistake of quickly throwing their property onto the market without making any cosmetic adjustments or rearrangements. While you may feel comfortable with your property in its current state, living in your home and selling your home are two completely different things. As you look to sell at maximum market value, it is essential that you enhance your home’s best features by applying the following four tips for staging your home to sell.

Stage From a Buyer’s Perspective

As a potential buyer sets out on the house hunt, they often spend a day or two looking at one property after another. As their long day of looking comes to a close, all of the houses they have seen may begin to blur into one big day of mediocre homes. By staging your home to appeal to your potential buying market’s desires, you set yourself up for greater selling success. Small and simple details are the things that will set you apart from competing properties in the market.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

As you look to make a first impression, deep cleaning is an essential part of enhancing your home’s appeal. All it takes is a few carpet stains and window smudges to give house hunters a negative impression of your entire home. Thus, carpet cleaning, tile grout cleaning, and both interior and exterior window cleaning should be a priority in preparing your home for showings. This will help your buyer feel clean and comfortable in your home.

Upgrade and Repair

As a buyer looks to put an offer in on your home, it is likely they will hire an inspector to find any damages or flaws in the structure of your house. If an inspector comes back to them with a long list of repairs, large or small, it may scare your interested buyer away for good. Rather than give your buyer a reason to back out, show them just how great your property is by repairing and upgrading in advance. Not only will your house look nicer, but will be better suited to a new owner’s needs.

Ditch the Clutter and Chaos

Whether you have taken the time to make upgrades and repairs, or hired professional cleaners to make your floors and windows shine, there is nothing that will discount your hard work more than leaving clutter in your home. Clutter is often a tricky thing for homeowners to conquer because they may have what some call “clutter blindness.” Items like trophies, collectibles, and children’s toys are all things that belong in a home that has been lived in, but do not belong in plain sight when trying to sell. Anything that is stacked in piles or shoved in corners is likely to appear as clutter.

When searching for the best tips for staging your home to sell, apply these five simple but effective principles to increase your chances of selling.

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