When Should I Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service?

Furniture oftentimes takes quite a beating. It is probably used on a daily basis and if there are children are pets in the home, it might wear out or get dirty quickly. You probably do your best to keep it clean and in good shape, but the wear and tear of daily use adds up and pretty soon, you may be considering hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service. This can be worth the time and money spent, but we’ve outlined a few helpful tips below so you’ll know when it’s time to hire a service like this.

When you can’t get the stains out yourself:

If you have tried all sorts of do-it-yourself tricks and none of them have done the job of getting the stains out, then it might be time to call a professional. And if you’re worried about ruining your furniture, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Most upholstery is made with specific fabrics that don’t respond to normal cleansers, so specialized solutions are often required. Our technicians have the right cleansers and the expertise in using them, so no matter what type of fabric you are dealing with, they will often have what it takes to get the stains removed.

When you don’t have the right tools:

Upholstery cleaning pros have special tools that can reach all of the small nooks and crannies that are a part of furniture. There really isn’t a reason for a homeowner to go out and buy some of those tools, simply because they are expensive and won’t be used often, which it isn’t cost effective in the long run. It is much more reasonable to hire a professional instead.

You need the job done quickly:

Tired of the mountain of household to-dos on your list? Scratch this one off as something you can have someone else do. Cleaning companies will come to your home and bring your furniture back to life, no matter where it’s located. It’s not often that they will need to take the piece to another location for cleaning – this usually only happens when the fabric is extremely rare or unusual. Instead, all you have to do is set up the appointment, show them the furniture that needs help, and let them do all the dirty work. In a short time, it’s done and you haven’t even lifted a finger!

Professional upholstery cleaning is convenient and well worth the money spent when it means that your furniture is clean and free of odors, stains, or other damage! Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning today to find out about our special offers! 360-606-2707

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