The Advantages of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your tile and grout are kind of like your teeth—they get stained slowly over time so you can’t even remember what their whitest white is. Plus, it’s easy to put this kind of maintenance on the back burner during the summer months. However, as the cooler weather sets in and you’re knee-deep in autumn cleaning, it’s time to focus on sprucing up your tile and grout for the holiday season. This ensures you go into the new year with floors that haven’t a speck of dirt from the lazy, hazy, dirty days of summer.

Even using a heavy duty floor cleaner isn’t enough to get your grout spic and span. The ridges never fail to collect dirt, and it’s often white, making stains more prevalent. You can go ahead and use a mop or Swiffer for general surface cleaning, but know that your grout is going to laugh at that attempt at a “deep clean.” You can really go to town with a toothbrush, dangerous chemicals and serious elbow grease—or you can call in the pros and save your knees.

An Expert Touch

Every type of tile and grout will work best with a different cleaning solution, and that’s something that only a professional can determine. These experts know how to make your bathroom, kitchen and any other tile work in your home look like brand new. Even better, there are green options so you don’t have to worry about breathing in toxic fumes. Consider tile and grout cleaning as bi-annual maintenance to preserve your home’s beauty and give it that special touch when you’re hosting events.

Return to Zen

Your bathroom should be a haven—for you, not for bacteria. Showers and tubs are really adept at collecting just about everything from scum to mold, mildew to hard water spots. They can look dingy pretty quickly, which makes you rush through your hot shower instead of enjoying it. Keeping your bathroom safe, beautiful and bacteria-free is crucial since it’s where you “take care of business.” That means you need peace of mind that comes with a truly clean environment.

From kitchens to bathrooms, if it’s tile, grout or stone, it needs servicing by a professional. There’s only so much the average homeowner can do. Consider it “maintenance”, just like having your roof or appliances inspected. Take care of your tile and it’ll take care of you.

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