How to Clean a Wool Carpet

Learn How to Clean a Wool Carpet

Have you ever accidentally dropped a pure wool sweater into a washing machine? Unless the yarn was so-called washable wool, chances are your sweater emerged from its bath about three sizes too small. Your sweater, once the perfect winter attire for a walk in chilly southwest Washington, was reduced to the size of doll clothing.

If you have a wool carpet, perhaps you’re wondering whether you can have it professionally cleaned. The answer is yes. Wool carpet can and should be cleaned. This natural fiber requires more care than nylon, and you should look for a professional carpet cleaner with experience caring for this specialty fiber. Vancouver, WA relies on My Heaven’s Best to safely care for your wool carpets.

Before the advent of affordable nylon textiles, wool carpeting was the most popular choice for wall-to-wall carpets. It’s still popular today. Wool is durable, warm and resists dirt and fire. But, because wool costs much more than nylon, it isn’t as widely used as it once was. Wool is now considered a high-end luxury fiber.

Protect Your Investment

A wool carpet can last for decades in your Clark County home with the proper care. Fans of wool laud it for its dirt-hiding characteristics. Wool doesn’t show soil as much as other fibers. It also resists stains, but it still needs regular cleaning.

If you don’t vacuum and professionally clean wool carpets, soil can work its way into the pile. Dirt is abrasive. Once it’s lodged into the carpet, it speeds wear and tear of the pile. In between annual professional attention, regular vacuuming is the best way to care for a wool carpet.

Heaven’s Best methods are gentle and safe for wool. We use a citrus-based cleaner to clean your carpet thoroughly. Harsh chemicals and cleaners can harm wool, causing damage and fading. And bleach? Just say “no!” Bleach dissolves wool. You’ll be left with a hole in your carpet.

Our low moisture method means your carpet dries quickly, usually within an hour. While the wool is wet, it will have an odor. But, the smell will dissipate as the rug dries. After cleaning, a wool-safe protectant gives your carpet more resistance to stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Your Vancouver, Washington Home

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning technicians are professional, courteous and friendly. We’ve been locally owned since 1999. Contact My Heaven’s Best today for information about our services.

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