What Type of Carpet Is Best for Kids?

Spilled juice and milk. Snacks that fall and get mashed into the carpet. Science experiments gone awry. Sleep overs. Play dates. Birthday parties. The list of a kid’s opportunities for making a mess are nearly endless. If you have children running around in your home, you know how they can take a toll on carpets.

You love your kids. Their messy ways are endearing. But sometimes it can feel like you have two, not-very-good choices: 1) become a nagging grouch, or 2) live with ugly, stinky carpets. There’s a better way: install a carpet that’s easy to keep clean. Then, get your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

What Type of Carpet Is Best for Kids?

There are several materials commonly used in carpet. They include acrylic, nylon, wool, polyester and polypropylene. A carpet made with nylon fibers is the best choice for kids. Nylon resists stains and dirt. It’s also affordable and comes in lots of colors and patterns.

But there’s more to carpet choice than the composition of the fibers. Others factors are important, from density to color and pattern choice.

Here’s what you should know before you shop for new carpets:

Three Types of Carpets

There are three main carpet types which include bonded, tufted, and woven. Woven and bonded carpets are generally used in commercial buildings. Tufted is the most common residential-style carpet. Tufted carpets come in cut or looped varieties or in a cut and loop combination. For your child’s room, the cut and loop variety is usually the best as long as it is densely made. The other types of carpet hold more dust, allergens and other particles.

When It’s Good to Be Dense

The denser the carpet, the better it is. Dense carpet translates to a thicker, not taller, pile. When you shop for carpet, try bending the samples. If you can see a lot of the backing beneath the fibers, it means the pile is not dense. Cheaper carpets have fewer tufts per inch. That scarcity of tufts means the carpet will wear out quickly. If the carpet is thick, it will resist dirt and wear.

Don’t Get a White Carpet

Some colors show stains more than others. Obviously, a light-colored carpet will show more dirt than one in a darker color. A carpet with variegated fibers in earth tones (yes, that’s a fancy way of saying “dirt-colored”) is always an option. But your best bet is to get a carpet in a color you and your kid will enjoy. Be sure to vacuum often and consider having a carpet protectant applied.

Some kids grow out of their messy ways. Others don’t. Don’t sweat it. Install a practical carpet  and give us a call when it needs cleaning. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our services.

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