How to Remove Pet Odors and Stains

Pet Urine Removal and Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

What’s the first thing guests notice when they visit your home? If you have pets, it could be the sweet (not!) smell of your furry friends. Pets give us companionship, laughs and unconditional love. They’ve earned a lasting place in our affections, but that doesn’t meant we want a permanent memento of them on the carpet.

If you’re dealing with the smell of pet urine, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning can help. We have a special process for cleaning pet urine, odors and stains.

Pets and Carpets

Cats and dogs can leave a mess on your carpets.Dogs and cats spend a lot of time on the floor, playing and sleeping. Their hair and dander make its way into the carpet. Bits of food and dirt clinging to their fur can work into the carpet’s pile.

You can minimize the soil by vacuuming often. Regular professional cleaning also helps. Our water-based cleaner is safe for your pets. When we’re done, the carpets are dry and ready for more furry fun in about an hour.

Regular Cleaning Doesn’t Remove Pet Urine

Our standard carpet cleaning works great for normal dirt and odors, but pet urine removal requires more. Some people make the mistake of renting a carpet-cleaning machine. This can actually make the problem worse because the cleaner doesn’t remove the urine. It may simply soak the rug, spreading the odors into a wider area. The result can be a wet carpet that smells bad.

Don’t Wait to Remove Urine Stains

Take quick action after your pet has an accident. Once the urine soaks in and dries, it’s tougher to get the smell out. If your pet pees on the rug, blot the area with a clean cloth to absorb the moisture.

If the accident is small, treat the area with an enzymatic cleaner. Heaven’s Best has a great pet-stain cleaner that’s perfect for spot cleaning. When the problem goes beyond a small spot, it’s best to call a professional.

Urine spreads into the carpet, down into the pad and may reach the floor. Dry urine leaves behind traces that will continue to smell until they are removed. Once a pet urinates in the house, it will sometimes return to the same spot when nature calls. If the carpet and pad remain damp, bacteria will grow.

Our Cleaning Process

We treat pet stains by first inspecting the carpet. We have black lights that can detect urine stains. If you know where the accident happened, that’s great. However, we’ll give your carpet a thorough check to ensure their are no missed spots.

We work on urine stains by soaking the area with an enzyme cleaning solution. The enzymes break down bacteria and eliminate odors. Our solution works by eating away at the uric salts that cause the bad smells.

We apply enough cleaning solution to permeate both the carpet and pad. Cleaning is followed by extraction. Your carpets will dry quickly. Some of the enzymes will remain in the fibers. These enzymes continue to neutralize odors.

If the damage is extensive, we may recommend further treatments. Some discolorations can’t be removed. For those areas, you may need a patch or dye treatment.

Take Care of Your Pet, We’ll Take Care of the Carpet

If your pet suddenly starts urinating in the house, it could have a medical or behavioural problem. Please consult your veterinarian for help.

Heaven’s Best has the tools and know-how to treat tough pet stains and odors. Give us a call at 360.606.2707 or email today for more information and a free estimate.


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