How to Spot Clean a Carpet

Did the holidays leave you with more than fond memories? If that piece of fudge got squashed into the carpet, or a dribble of coffee landed on the floor, it’s time to take action.

Not every carpet stain will come out, but you might be surprised how much damage can be undone with a towel, plain water and some determination. If you’ve been getting your carpets cleaned regularly and have taken advantage of our carpet protectant, you’ll have an easier time lifting out the spills and spots.

Take Quick Action

Don’t wait to remove a spot. If you can soak up the spill right away, there’s less chance it will set and become a permanent stain.

Finding the Right Solution

Two bottle of Heaven's Best spot cleaner are shown

Heaven’s Best cleaner is a gentle and effective solution for spot cleaning a carpet.

Sometimes all you’ll need is water. Other times you’ll have to use a cleaning solution. Heaven’s Best has an effective spot cleaner. Give us a call at 360.606.2707, and we’ll get you the cleaner.

If you need to work on a stain before you can get our solution, stick with plain water. There are lots of recipes for DIY solutions, but these often cause more harm than good. If you use the wrong formula for your type of carpet, the stain could spread. Before tackling a spot with any cleanser, it’s a good idea to test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the rug.

Ready, Set, Blot!

Never rub a stain. Rubbing makes a spot worse, causing it to spread. Here’s the correct sequence to use when removing a spot from the carpet. This technique also works on upholstery.

1. Remove loose material and debris.

2. Blot with a dry towel. Press firmly to soak up moisture. Keep blotting, using clean areas of the towel. Continue until the towel comes away clean and dry.

3. If the spot is still there, dampen a clean towel with water. Press the towel firmly into the spot, using clean areas of the towel to continue blotting. Repeat until the towel comes away clean.

4. If the spot still stubbornly clings to the carpet, spray on Heaven’s Best solution. Leave the solution to soak for a few minutes. Repeat the process of blotting and pressing into the rug with a clean towel.

If after all your work, the spot is still there, call on us for help. Heaven’s Best technicians are experts at spot removal. We also offer spot dying and repair for those times when a stain won’t budge. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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