Keeping Carpets Clean in the fall

While September 21st was the “official” first day of fall, there are still some sunny days ahead and chances to get outside. As foggy mornings give away to bright afternoons, there’s still some time to get a mid-day run or early evening bike ride in. And, of course, the dog needs to go outside no matter what the calendar says.

It’s just the way we are in the Pacific Northwest. In many cases, we don’t even need the sun to be out for us to get out. Yes, it’ll be a little soggier, muddier, and messier. Sometimes, though, that’s how we like it up here. Unfortunately, we tend to bring that mess inside with us at the end of the day and the high traffic areas start looking worn.

Soon, the rains will start, puddles will form, and all of those unpaved hiking trails will turn to mud. This doesn’t mean we’ll stop getting outside, it just means we need to take a little more care when we come home. Debris is ground into the carpet fibers and store-bought stain removers and carpet cleaners can be harsh on the carpets.

Take It Outside

After getting the yard taken care of for the winter, you have to put those muddy boots or garden clogs somewhere. A back porch is ideal – out of the way and out of sight. But if you don’t have a back porch for your muddy footwear, you’ll need to find somewhere to put them. There’s no reason to track mud throughout the house, is there?

If there’s room by the front or back doors, consider placing a small box or bin there. As soon as you come in, take the shoes off and put them in the bin. Knocking all the dirt and mud off outside is a good idea so the box doesn’t end up half full of dirt by January.

For those with four legged-friends, keeping a towel nearby when you come home from a walk will go a long way to keep your carpets (and furniture) clean. Although you probably won’t wipe all the dirt and debris from the paws or coat, you’ll get enough to keep Fluffy from tracking it all over the house. Just don’t forget to use it.

A Place For Everything

During the raining months, nothing does a better job of keeping the wet away from the rest of the house as a hall closet. However, if you don’t have a hall closet, consider a coat rack. Depending on the amount of room you have, there are several varieties of stand-alone racks, hooks that can be placed on the wall and other options.

Just don’t let it become overrun with jackets. And scarves. And gloves. And hats. And umbrellas. A small cabinet nearby can be used to hold all the weather accessories needed for all kinds of weather. You may want to place a small rug underneath to protect the floor covering below.

Here come the Holidays

Once the last trick-or-treater has rung the last doorbell, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. This is the time of year when families start coming together for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. That’s a lot of foot traffic! And a lot of dirt and grime.

One of the easiest things you can do is request guests to remove their shoes after coming inside. There may be a grumble or two – maybe they’ll offer to host next year! All joking aside, having two or three large gatherings can really take its toll on a carpet. Might as well do what you can to keep it clean.

There is a sure-fire way to protect your carpet during the fall, however. Before your next big holiday party, contact Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. We’ll deep-clean your carpets with a high-quality cleaning solution, remove carpet stains, and add a layer of carpet protectant.

We also clean furniture and offer fabric protection as well. That way your house will sparkle during the season and after everyone has gone home. Of course, we’ll also clean your floors during the other three seasons, too. We’re a professional carpet cleaning service that also performs spot cleaning and repairs in both homes and businesses.

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