Do I Need a New Carpet? Maybe Not

Everybody loves a brand new carpet! The way it feels under our bare feet, how nice it looks after vacuuming, and how it improves the overall look of the home. After a few years, though, the freshness can disappear in high traffic areas.

Don’t believe us? Move a couch and you’ll see what we mean. Of course, a few Pacific Northwest winters and springs can wreak havoc on the look of the carpet, too. The dirt, grime, and mud that we track in after spending a day outside are ground into the carpet fibers, dulling the color.

Even with weekly vacuuming, the wear and tear begin to show. Even vacuums of today won’t be able to get the deep down grit and grime. In some cases, dust and dander can even make it’s way down to the carpet padding!

Throw a few carpet stains in here after a family gathering or New Year’s Eve party and the carpet looks downright ugly. This goes for pile, cable, and shag carpet as well as other floor coverings like tile or hardwood. Everything ages, gets worn, and just loses its overall luster.

Out with the old?

Well “loved” carpeting can become a point of embarrassment after awhile. You may not want to host parties like you used to or maybe you’ll recommend the Thanksgiving meal happens at a sibling’s house this year. Even a casual game night can be a cause for distress.

Does it make sense to start over? Replacing your carpet can be a costly endeavor. Certainly, there comes a time to replace the old carpet, either because it’s a holdover from the ‘70s, you’re looking to remodel, or a major accident demands new carpeting. But if it just doesn’t look as good as it once did, there is another alternative.

Bring It Back To Life

Carpet and other floor coverings are being made more durable every year. With longer-lasting materials that repel stains, carpeting should look good for many many years. This means even high-traffic areas can be reinvigorated when you have the carpet professionally cleaned.

Older carpets can be brought back to life, too, with professional carpet cleaning. As carpet manufacturing improves, so do the tools that keep it clean. This includes cleaning solutions, and methods for cleaning. Using an experienced carpet cleaner will save you money when it’s compared to installing a brand new carpet.

They can also take care of spot cleaning where the pets had an accident or repair a smaller area that were damaged after moving a large piece of furniture. Once it’s cleaned, though, it’s important to keep it clean. Here are a few ways to provide proper maintenance for your carpets.

Keeping It Clean
As we said before, carpets can take a little bit of a beating in this neck of the woods. Hiking and sports in the summer, shoveling snow in the winter, and gardening in the spring means we’re a grimy bunch when we finally get a chance to rest. There’s no reason to bring that grime in with us.

If possible, use dirty cleats, boots, or clogs in a mudroom that has access to the outside. Even a front porch will work in bad weather, or a bench that opens near the front door. The key is to keep that footwear off the carpets. That goes for Fido too: a towel near the front door to clean him off after a walk is a quick way to protect the carpet.

Regular Cleaning
It seems like we only really pull out the vacuum after there’s a mess. But pulling out the Hoover, Dyson, or Kenmore once a week can keep the unseen grime from building up. This will help keep the carpet from degrading over time, too.

Act Fast
If there is a spill – or a pet accident – it’s important to act fast. Blotting the area is better than wiping because you are able to concentrate the pressure you’re using. Wiping might even spread the stain around. There are products that you can buy for spot cleaning, but try to find items that use all-natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

Your Expert Carpet Cleaners

For two decades, Heaven’s Best has been bringing carpets back to life. Our low-moisture, non-harmful processes mean your carpets can be dry one hour after cleaning! We also offer spot cleaning, carpet protection, as well as cleaning hardwood or tile surfaces.

Stop cringing through family gatherings or when you have people over to watch the big game. Schedule a professional carpet cleaning with My Heaven’s Best and return your carpet to its former glory. We look forward to hearing from you!

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