How To Protect Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery Protection

Life is often messy, so taking preventative measures to protect expensive furniture is a must. 

You never know when one of your kids will spill or your muddy dog will run inside and immediately jump onto the couch. So, avoid the pain and implement an upholstery protection plan. You don’t want to wait until the stain is already set, but if it happens, we have you covered.

We compiled this comprehensive overview to outline upholstery best practices.

What is upholstery?

Upholstery is the process of attaching fabric to a frame and padding. The fabric used is completely dependent on the carpenter, so it is highly customizable. Often, furniture pieces will be reupholstered at least once during their lifespan. If you are worried about the fabric, replacing it with a sturdier or more stain-resistant material is always an option.

Preventative maintenance

The best way to avoid stains and extend the life of your furniture is to stay consistent with professional upholstery cleaning and maintenance. One good option is to treat your furniture with a fabric protector after every professional cleaning. It coats the upholstery, preventing spills from settling on the surface, saving you both money and peace of mind…

In addition to the protectant, it is important to regularly brush and vacuum upholstery, especially if animals come into contact with it. The frequency of this maintenance is dependent on the level of use the furniture receives. Recommendations span from weekly cleanings for heavy usage to monthly cleanings for lighter wear.

Tips and Tricks

Our experts recommend the following tips for extending the life of your upholstery:

  • Vacuum your upholstered furniture. Regular cleaning is important to prevent premature wear.
  • Check your furniture’s labels before using a store-bought spot cleaning treatment. Using incompatible cleaners could potentially make the problem worse. 
  • Avoid draping dark-colored blankets over upholstery. The dye can transfer and leave splotches on the fabric.
  • To prevent fading, arrange your living space so that the piece receives minimal direct sunlight.
  • Beat the cushions of your couch and vacuum it regularly. This provides an even distribution for the wear and tear a piece sustains over time.

Our advice on stains

Even small stains can ruin the look of your living spaces, so acting quickly with a stain remover is key. There are a variety of DIY, store-bought, and professional methods for removing stains, but choosing the right one for your situation can be difficult. 

When browsing through remedies, make sure to note the type of fabric and stain. The process for removing oil-based stains can be different from water-based, so verify before you begin. 

When going with the professionals, it is important that your Heaven’s Best technician knows the age of your furniture, if any stain protectants or cleaning products have been used on it, and if it has been reupholstered. With this information, our team of experts can more accurately give your furniture the quality care that it deserves. 

The Heaven’s Best Promise

Life can get messy very fast, but you can rely on our experts to get your home back to new again even faster. Our team offers a wide variety of services for your household needs. From low-moisture carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, we do it all. 

If you need to bring your furniture and home back to life, get a free estimate from Heaven’s Best today. We look forward to serving you.  

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