Should I Clean My Carpets Before or After the Holidays

Holiday Carpet Cleaning in Clark County

Now is a great time to get your house primed for the holidays. Have your carpets professionally cleaned before the decorations go up and shopping and cooking escalate to a frenzied pace.

But wait! You may wonder if cleaning your carpets after the holidays is a better idea. Dropped food, spilled drinks, increased foot traffic and muddy prints courtesy of Vancouver’s wet winters could leave your home looking stained and spotted.

There’s no denying that the holidays can make for dirty carpets. Here’s some additional information to help you decide whether to clean now or later.

Stain Removal Is Easier on Clean Carpets

Soil on your carpets can make stains harder to remove. If your carpet already has dirt embedded, a spill on top of the soiled area is tricky to remove. Spot cleaning the stain, if done incorrectly, could even work soil deeper into the pile.

When your carpets are professionally cleaned, you can ask your cleaner to apply protectant. The protectant will guard against spills and soil. It’s an extra step beyond cleaning, but it means you can laugh off spilled milk and focus on enjoying the holidays.

Family Time

Wine spilled on berber carpetThe holidays are family time. If you have small children, they likely spend a lot of hours on the floor during winter. Playing with new toys, watching holiday specials and movies means little ones are sitting or crawling on the carpet each day. Removing dirt and allergens from the pile keeps kids safe and healthy. Your children might not care about dirt, but you’ll feel better knowing the floor is clean.

Beat the Holiday Rush

Holidays are a busy time. Cleaning carpets ahead of the rush means there’s one less thing for you to worry about. If you schedule a cleaning now, you can cross off at least one item from your list.

Eliminate Odors

No one wants to think their carpet smells bad. It’s easy to get used to a musty smell when you live with it every day. However, when people arrive at your home, they’re coming with a fresh perspective and sense of smell. Especially if you have pets, a professional carpet cleaning can work wonders. With a clean carpet, all your guests notice are the delicious aromas wafting from your kitchen.

Heaven’s Best uses our own proprietary cleansing formula. It’s citrus based, eco-friendly and leaves your carpet soft, residue free and smelling fresh. We use a low-moisture technique. Your carpets will dry in as little as an hour.

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