The Carpet Cleaning Process

Walking the dog during the wet Fall and Winter months, working in the yard during the Spring, and spending the weekend camping in the great outdoors during the Summer can all contribute to a dirty carpet. Along with the everyday wear and tear in the high-traffic areas of your home, it doesn’t take long for your carpet to start losing some of its luster.

There are steps we can take to bring our carpets back to life. We know you’re not going to like this, but consistent vacuuming is one way to keep the dirt and grime from piling up. Using a vacuum at least once a week will keep it clean and help the fibers look their best. Cleaning up spills immediately will keep them from setting and soaking into the carpet padding below.

The standard carpet cleaning process

Of course, we realize people in the Pacific Northwest are busy taking advantage of everything Mother Nature has to offer no matter the season. With children and four-legged family friends, it can be hard to stay on top of every piece of dirt or spilled soda your carpet collects.

First, the basics. First, you’ll want to attack the dirt that has become attached to the carpet fibers. A thorough vacuuming will take care of most of the loose, visible debris, but you’ll need something more for a deep-down clean. Applying a cleaning solution of some sort will help loosen the remaining soil from the fibers.

Once the solution has had its chance to work – agitation is needed to remove the remaining soil from the carpet fibers. The clean carpet will then be left to dry. How much time depends on your carpet cleaning process.

Hot Water/Truck Mounted Extraction

Also known as steam cleaning, this method is the most well-known process and is really designed for quick and easy cleaning operation for the cleaning technician. After a pre-spray has been applied, hot water is injected into the carpet and suctioned back up right away. This method requires a lot of water and an extremely long drying time which is not good for your carpet structure.


In this process, a polymer-based chemical is applied to the carpet and bonds with the dirt on your carpet fibers. Once the reaction is complete, everything is then vacuumed up. While somewhat effective, there are toxic chemicals involved and often leave a sticky residue behind.


The Heaven’s Best carpet cleaning process uses MUCH less water than tanker steam cleaners and employs an all-natural citrus-based cleaning solution to help loosen the dirt. We’re able to take the best of the above processes and make them better.

Work With Heaven’s Best Professionals

We feel nothing beats our combination of low water, no chemical residue, and fast dry times when it comes to the carpet cleaning process. Because there’s so little water, we don’t need the big tanks and hoses to do the job and our cleaning solutions are safe for you and your family.

Our technician will walk the home with you to point out the cleaning spots that need the most attention during a pre-inspection. When it comes to cleaning results, our clients are completely thrilled with the job we do and even more impressed with the fast dry times. We spend more time out of your home than you absolutely have to?

In addition to carpets, we also clean upholstered sofas, chairs, and other furniture as well as hardwood floors and tile and grout lines. If it’s been some time since you’ve taken the vacuum for a spin, it may be time to contact the professional carpet experts at Heaven’s Best.

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