How do I keep carpets clean in the winter?

Clark County is ideally situated to take advantage of everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Dipping our toes into the Pacific Ocean during the summer. Hiking or biking up and down the Columbia River Gorge during the Spring. Skiing or snowboarding the slopes of Mt. Hood or even Mt. Bachelor during the winter months.

We all have to come home at some point, however. That’s when all of those Pacific Northwest activities enter the house with us. The winter is a particularly messy season, with the ever-present rain creating puddles and muddy trails. Even on the slopes with that glorious white snow, we still manage to track in grime from the mountain.

We’ve also just put our carpets – and ourselves – through a full month of holiday activities. Family members and guests have come over for Thanksgiving meals, Christmas activities, and New Year’s libations. Some spilled gravy here or spots of red wine there makes it hard to keep the carpet clean all winter long.

Protecting your carpet in the Winter

There are steps you can take to bring your carpet back to life and protect it from the holidays, muddy walks, or trips to the mountain. Sure, you could get your carpet professionally cleaned after every event, every weekend, or every time the family pooch tracks in too much filth from the outside.

While we’ll certainly be more than happy to keep that schedule, it isn’t necessary. Professional carpet cleaning should include a carpet or fabric protectant afterward, especially in high-traffic areas. At Heaven’s Best, we use a chemical-free, citrus-based solution for cleaning your carpets and providing an extra layer of protection.

This means if there is an accident, the mess won’t have the opportunity to get embedded into the carpet fibers. You still need to clean the mess, vacuum, and spot clean, but at least it’ll be easier than it was before the protectant.

Other Ways to Protect Your Carpet During Winter

Hiring expert carpet cleaners like Heaven’s Best is a great way to get your carpet ready for Winter. After that, there are a few other ways to keep your carpet in great shape through the season. Some may take a little planning, but will keep your carpet clean and may even extend its life.

  • Dog Towels – Whether you need to take Fido for a walk or let him loose in the backyard, make sure to have a towel near the door. You can wipe their paws and coat to get rid of excess water and dirt or mud.
  • Area Rugs – In high traffic areas, area rugs are great for protecting the carpet underneath as well as adding a little bit of color to the room.
  • Welcome Mat or Rug – Keep grime from ever entering your home in the first place. Make sure to use the mat and encourage visitors to do the same.
  • Shoe Removal – Having guests remove their shoes might make some guests a little uncomfortable. But after a few minutes, they’ll forget about it and may even enjoy the feeling of carpet underfoot.
  • Shoe Storage – This is important for everyday use. Instead of trying to clean every bit of dirt, mud, ice, and snow off your shoes, just take them off and put them in a bin next to the door.
  • Coat Hanger – If you don’t have a hall closet for your rain or snow soaked coat, invest in a standalone coat hanger or even a few hooks. By keeping water drips near the door, you’ll keep them away from the carpet.

You can also wait until the weather clears and sunny skies return to clean your carpets as part of a thorough Spring Cleaning. When you’re ready, give Heaven’s Best a call and set up an appointment to get your carpet cleaned. We also clean hardwoods, tile and grout, as well as upholstery that needs to be refreshed.

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